The wood must respect the fruit…

A favourite motto of barrel producers (coopers) is that the wood must respect the fruit in wine, something a certain ex-president of ours were not really inclined to do with our constitution… So let’s zoom(a)  into the main differences between new and old oak barrels used for winemaking… About a decade ago the use of […]

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Fine with fining your wine?

The other day I received a notice from the traffic department, a speeding fine. I required a large glass of wine before opening it, but fortunately not too bad…. However, did you know that fining often also takes place when wine is made? No, I am not referring here to a disciplinary action, but rather […]

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Big bad Brett in wine

Ever heard of the bad boy in wine making? No, I am not referring to a winemaker and his mood at the end of harvest… Winemakers will often add yeast to grape must to complete the alcoholic fermentation, but not all yeasts are equal and good for the wine’s quality for that matter! Brettanomyces is a […]

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Wine and your wide nose…

I am not sure how many of you liked science at school, but I actually found it quite fascinating (except the exam part of course). Once one starts to appreciate the wonder of nature and how we as humans perceive it, we realize what a wonderful role chemistry plays in our everyday lives! The same […]

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Fire that barrel!

I am sitting now with a glass of Chenin blanc, one eye on my two young boys trying to kill each other in the garden with their plastic bikes and the other on the barbeque fire. I am going to braai some traditional South African sosaties which will go well with the Chenin methinks! This […]

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